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After I graduated from college, I started working in my parent's factory. They put me in a management position, and I realized that with that responsibility came a great burden to make the company better. I started realizing that manufacturing problems were eating away at our profits, so I did what I could to make things right. Little by little, I was able to completely revamp the entire process, and before we knew it, the factory was productive and wonderful again. This blog is all about avoiding manufacturing problems so that you can enjoy a great bottom line financially and continued success.

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Are Engineered Wood Floors Right For Your New Home?

The flooring material that you select for your new home can have a direct impact on the aesthetic and function of your living space. Many homeowners shy away from engineered wood flooring because they don't fully understand the benefits that this unique flooring material can offer.

Take the time to discover the advantages of engineered wood flooring so that you can determine if it's the best choice for your new floors in the future.


Hardwood floors give a home a high-end look, but this look comes with a hefty price tag. Engineered wood floors allow you to take advantage of the aesthetic that solid hardwood floors offer without breaking the bank.

Engineered wood is essentially a plywood base that is fitted with a thin layer of real hardwood over the top. Since the amount of hardwood being used in engineered products is significantly less than in solid wood products, engineered wood is a lot more affordable.

You can get the high-end look that you want without spending a fortune on your new flooring.

Convenient Installation

Installing wood flooring can be challenging. Solid hardwood flooring requires a very specific approach to installation. Each plank must be prepared for installation, and only certain techniques can be used with certain types of wood.

Once all of the solid wood planks have been installed, the flooring must be sealed with a coat of polyurethane.

Engineered wood flooring offers much more convenience throughout the installation process. You are able to use staples, nails, or glue to hold each plank in place.

Individual planks are pre-finished with a protective coating, so there is no need to wait for multiple layers of polyurethane to dry when installing engineered wood flooring.


The floors in a home can really take a beating. You want to ensure that the materials you select for your new floors are durable enough to stand up to the traffic of your family over time. Engineered wood is one of the most durable wood floor options available.

Engineered wood planks are manufactured using intense heat and pressure to bond the solid hardwood top layer with the plywood base. This manufacturing process results in wood planks that are less likely to expand and contract over time.

Engineered floors are also less likely to warp, and they can withstand exposure to minor flooding without sustaining any serious damage. If you need durable floors, engineered wood is a great option. 

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